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PETG Sheet

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PETG Sheet

For designers seeking the leading edge in point-of-purchase and in-store display design,  PETG Sheet Plastics have the high-performance plastic sheeting needed to get that– a material that can become a force in design by creating cost-effective options. Think in bold curves, complex parts, and molded-in details, without worrying about durability or fabrication costs. That’s the versatility of PETG sheet. It is design freedom plus productivity.

PETG Sheeting Features

With such impact strength and fabrication ease, the sheet is superior to traditional acrylic sheeting. The PETG sheet has similar characteristic to polycarbonate sheeting without the cost. Also due to the durability of this sheeting, the VIVAK has cheaper packaging and shipping costs. With such a robust and economical sheeting, the VIVAK is the perfect material to use as a creative solution for the display marketplace. The manufacturing of  PETG sheet offers deep draws, complex die-cuts, and precise molded-in details without sacrificing structural integrity of the material. It die-cuts and punches quickly and can be bonded or fastened with adhesives, ultrasonic welding or rivets. This quality sheeting also allows you to create large, complex shapes. Due to the superior performance over sheeting, PETG sheet displays can be shipped in one complete piece. This means that displays can go to work immediately, with no additional effort.

PETG Mirror Sheet

PETG mirror sheeting is an extremely versatile plastic sheeting commonly used in engineering, cosmetics, storage containers, and more as it is easily thermoformed and cut to create complex shapes with precise details. PETG sheeting provides superior cost savings compared to acrylic sheeting and maximized durability for packaging and shipping like polycarbonate sheeting.

PETG mirror provides a wide range of benefits from superior clarity, surface gloss retention, no stress whitening, accepts ink and paint, and is FDA-approved for food contact.