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Combining the attributes of superior scratch- and impact resistance, optical brilliance and glare control have made  acrylic sheet, polymers, and coating services ideally suited for a variety of applications in the consumer electronics industry. Delivering excellent optical quality and scratch resistance. From hand held devices to laptops, audio to video components,  acrylic meets and exceeds the demands of today’s technology.  Available with varying levels of glare control, abrasion resistance and impact strength,  acrylic sheet, polymers and coating options provide advantageous alternatives to glass in electronic applications.

With superior optical clarity,  acrylic products offer personal handheld device manufacturers a reliable solution for optimal screen visibility. Specialized  coatings offer performance enhancing properties to further ensure product dependability.

Applications :

  • Cell phone view screens
  • Multimedia displays
  • Security
  • PDA computer screens
  • Handheld electronic viewing screens